Place your order by 4 PM Wednesday April 1st. Pick ups will be on this coming Friday April 3rd 1:30 to 3 PM
Curbside pick up only!
Pay by Venmo to avoid cc fee: tkn2019

Raw ready to cook:
Whole chickens for roasting $8

Deli meats and sliced cheeses:
Sliced Salami pack: $13
Sliced prosciutto: $17
Cheddar: $10
Provolone: $10
Swiss: $10

Hot dogs:
Thumans All beef 10 pc $5.75/pkg

strawberries $4
bananas $3

White bread $5./loaf
Hot dog rolls $3/pkg
Bleach $1.00/qt (1 per person/order)
Milk half gallon $3
Pizza dough $2.00

Brown local farm Eggs
1 dozen: $7
Toilet paper $1/roll
Large roll paper towels $6
Girl Scout cookies: Samoa’s, Tagalongs, thin mint $5
Napkins $3/pkg

If you have OPTONLINE email you might not receive conformation email but we will receive your order.