Looking to try something different this year? Celebrate your child’s birthday with a hands-on interactive cooking party. Invite their friends and we’ll teach them how to make their favorite treats and a whole lot more.

We will help create a themed birthday party to inspire the kid’s imaginations with menus that are flavorful and fun for any ages 5 years and up. Our birthday party themes and menus are designed specifically for the skill level of each age group. Whether your young chef is new to the kitchen, ready to learn proper knife skills, or wants to compete in a Jr. Iron Chef Challenge, Jeremiahs parties will work great for your child.

Package 1 Choose:

1 entree AND 1 dessert:  $27/child (Minimum 8 participants, under 8 $30/child) approx. 1h 45min instruction

Package 2 Choose:

1 drink, 1 entree, 1 dessert $30/child (Minimum 8 participants, under 8 $32/child) 1h 45 min instruction

Package 3 Choose:

1 drink, 1 entree, 1 side, 1 dessert $35/child (Minimum 8 participants, under 8 $38/child) 2h instruction


Pink lemonade
Shirley temples
Homemade Sprite soda
Ocean punch
Skittles soda
Hot chocolate

Pizza pockets cheese and sauce
Pizza knots
Stuffed meatballs 
Crispy Baked Chicken fingers
Pepperoni Bread
Beef taco Quesadilla 
Homemade cheese Ravioli
Beef taco’s soft or hard shell
Don't see something you'de like? Let us know we can customize.

Chocolate Apple fries
Potato wedges
Vegetable fried rice
Caesar salad
Fresh mozarella

Emoji cookies
Emoji Brownies
Chocolate chip banana bread 
You decorate individual birthday cake with icing and candies
“Dirt” with gummy worms
“Sand” with gummy sharks
Banana split Dessert Taco’s


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