Stuck at home with your kids?

Break up the boredom of the day by Letting chef T cook with your family

All you need is a smart phone, tablet or laptop to join your cooking class instructor and other students with one click.

Now is Your Chance to Cook with Your Kids!



If children are taught healthy habits and kitchen skills from an early age, there are high chances that they will follow them as adults.


Theresa is the and the owner of Jeremiah’s Catering. She is in charge of the catering for all the events organized within the restaurant and outside it. She considers food quality and the nutritional value of each food as being extremely important. This is why she tries to come up with balanced dishes, by using only fresh and high-quality ingredients. The result is food that tastes amazing and is filling at the same time, providing all the nutrients the body needs in order to stay healthy.

But cooking is not the only thing Theresa does. At Jeremiah’s Catering, there are cooking classes created especially for children. Theresa is the one that holds these classes and teaches children how to cook healthy meals for themselves. Of course, everything is made to be safe for children and Theresa is extremely patient and pays attention to each child in her class. She chooses easy, yet healthy, recipes for the children and does her best to stir in them the joy and happiness of making tasty food. The whole idea is to help the children acquire new skills, enjoy group activities, and teach them all about healthy foods. And Theresa does this with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm.