We will place orders on the doorstep and before we leave will text/call you or ring bell wearing gloves. there will be no set delivery time per person as I will be delivering too many. Delivery times are approximate between 3-7 pm Monday evening. PLEASE be patient. As the demand is high and we work in zones to deliver your food.

Everything is given cold to maximize shelf life. Just heat and eat.

Payment can be made via Venmo or credit card. I will reach out to you either the evening before or in the mid-morning for info. If you have asked me to save your info then you are good to go!

– Swedish meatballs with Yukon
gold mashed and veggies

– Chicken pot pie with biscuit crust $13

– Beef stew with rice $13

– Flank steak with Yukon gold mashed and portobello/onions $15

– Spanish Roasted chicken with dirty rice (rice and beans and plantains) $13

– Sesame seared tuna with Asian ginger veggies and quinoa $17

– Tilapia piccata with rice and veggies $14

– Quiche $15

broccoli and cheddar
bacon-onion Swiss

– Chicken soup quart: $9

Delivery on orders of $50 or more

Sales tax, delivery fee, small credit surcharge will be applied to the final total.

We’ll call you as soon as we can to confirm all the details regarding your order and payment information.

If you have OPTONLINE email you might not receive conformation email but we will receive your order.