Appetizers (a la carte) 

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip Basket small/$35.00  medium/$50.00

Crudite of Fresh Vegetables small/$30.00  medium/$50.00

Hot Creamy Crab and Corn Dip with Crackers small/$35.00  medium/$50.00

Stuffed Mushrooms with: Spinach Artichoke or Sausage half tray/$27.00

Cinnamon Apple Baked Brie with Fruit Garnish and Baguette small/$37.00  medium/$70.00

Hummus Trio with Pita Chips: lemon, rst. garlic, sundried tomato,  small/$35.00  medium/$50.00

Trio of Dips: hot crab and corn, hot spinach artichoke, hot beer onion cheese dip with breads and crackers small/$40.00  medium/$55.00

Trio of Chicken Skewers(pick 3): cajun, teriyaki, sesame, chimichurri 30pc/$35.00  50pc/$55.00

Salads (a la carte) Sold by 1/2 tray of 10pp 

Salad Theresa: greens, grilled onions, tomatoes, candied walnuts $22.00

Holiday: greens, grilled apples, dried cranberries, goat cheese, pecans $27.00

Antipasto: greens, provolone, fresh mozzarella, salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, artichokes,olives, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes $32.00

Soups (a la carte) By the quart $6.95 ea

Curry Butternut Squash and kale, Wild mushroom&chicken, Creamy Sweet Potato

Breads (a la carte)  Sold by the dozen

Foccaccia $5.00 French $3.00 Garlic Foccaccia $6.00

Buttermilk Biscuits $9.00 Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits $10.00 Round Rolls $5.00

Sides (a la carte) Served in 1/2 trays

Herb Roasted Potatoes $30.00 Pecan Praline Butternut Squash $35.00

Penne Vodka $33.00 Penne Gratinate $35.00 Garlic Mashed Potatoes $30.00

Potato Pancakes $35.00 Pecan Wild Rice $30.00 Green Bean Almondine $30.00

Broccoli, Garlic & Butter$28.00 Roasted Veggies $32.00 Primavera Veggies $30.00

Proteins (a la carte) Sold by the 1/2 tray/platter

Beer Braised Pulled BBQ Pork $45.00        Roasted Herbed Pork Loin $45.00

Honey Clove Glazed Sliced Ham $45.00   Roasted Turkey Breast with Gravy $50.00

Cool Flank Steak Platter $55.00     Honey Glazed Salmon $55.00

Seafood Stuffed Shrimp with Scampi Sauce $55.00      Tilapia Franchese $50.00

Herb Roasted Chicken on the Bone $45.00

Chicken Picatta, Franchese, Marsala, Balsamico $45.00  


Package 1 (please choose from the above items)

Serves 20 to 25 guests: choose 3 (size small) appetizers, 3 proteins, 4 sides, 2 salads, 2 breads, $425.00 + tax

Package 2 (please choose from the above items)

Serves 15 to 18 guests: choose 2 appetizers, 3 proteins, 3 sides, 2 salads, 2 breads, $380.00 + tax

Package 3 (please choose from the above items )

Serves 10 to 14 guests: choose 2 appetizers, 2 proteins, 2 sides, 1 salad, 2 breads, $225.00 + tax

Package 4 (please choose from the above items )

Serves 6-10 guest: choose 1 appetizer, 2 proteins, 1 side, 1 salad, 1 bread, $190 + tax

Package 5 (please choose from the above items)

Serves 4-6 guests: choose 1 appetizer,1 protein, 1 side, 1 salad, 1 bread $145.00 + tax

All orders for CHRISTMAS EVE and CHRISTMAS DAY (pick up only on Christmas eve Dec.24) must be placed by December 21

Please specify time for pick up when placing order. We will be open from 1-4 pm for pick ups.  If an earlier time is needed please request.


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