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At Jeremiahs we already take steps to ensure safety, like wearing gloves at all times, regularly sanitizing all high contact surfaces.

Best Quality Guarantee

We use Delicious, Quality Ingredients in Responsible Ways.

We offer Delicious Food Catering for any Occasion and any Budget…… Graduation Party, Communion Party, Funeral Luncheon, Bridal Shower, Special Occasion, Baby Shower, Retirement Party, Birthday Party, Anniversary, Business Meeting, Holiday Party, Family or Class Reunion Party and Outdoor Picnics! We do it ALL…and we can work within your budget!

With Jeremiahs catering packages, we offer a variety of menu options to customize any event with your own personal food selections. Just contact me, set up an appointment to help plan your event and leave the rest to me. Let Jeremiahs personalize your event. Whether it is a Business Meeting or back yard picnic, we can do it all. Just give us a call, and we’ll assist you with the rest. Jeremiahs Catering can provide you with delivery or you can simply pick up your order and go!

Minimum 10 day’s notice, please.

HAVE A QUESTION? Call Chef Theresa 973 801 2010

There may be disposable or paper goods charge added to your final charge.
(We apologize for the inconvenience of the rising cost of disposable goods which out of our control)

Minimum 10 day’s notice, please.
(ONE SIZE Serves 10 – 15 pp )

Garlic knot chicken alfredo:
(chicken, cheese, bacon, spices baked with garlic knots) … $40

Buffalo Chicken:
(Shredded chicken, cheeses, spices baked in puff pastry) …  $37

Italian meat & cheese:
(prosciutto, ham, cheese, peppers, pesto, wrapped in puff pastry) …… $40

Chili dogs:
(Franks wrapped in puff pastry with chili con carne for dipping) … $42

BBQ Chicken:
(shredded chicken, cheeses, bbq sauce & spices wrapped in puff pastry) ….  $37

Stuffed meatballs:
(Meatballs, tomato sauce,& cheese wrapped in pizza dough & baked) ….  $40

Raspberry or apple cinnamon Baked Brie
(served w/ fruit garnish & baguette bread) …..  $75

Stuffed mushrooms choice of:
(sausage, spinach artichoke, traditional, french onion)

> Full tray …. $55
> Half tray …. $30

Regular, Sesame, or Coconut chicken fingers

> Full tray ….  $80
Half tray …. $40

Hot spinach & artichoke dip
(rustic bread & cracker basket) ….. $50

Blooming Quesadilla Rings:
(ONE SIZEServes 10-15 pp
Served with Salsa)

> Chicken ….. $42
> Cheese  ….. $32
> Beef Taco ….. $42

(Sold in increments of 12 of each kind
Minimum 2 day’s notice please)

(Cajun chicken, pepper jack cheese)
Chicken parmesan
Meatball parmesan

JEREMIAHS CATERING cooking classes
(25 pieces per half tray Minimum 10 day’s notice please )


Goat & apple filo triangle …. $28
Spanicopita ….$28
Mini baked bries ….  $28
Veggie spring roll ….  $30
Mini potato pancakes, sour cream …. $35
Mini cheese quesadilla ….   $25


Swedish meatballs ….  $30
Sweet & Sour Pineapple Turkey Meatballs …. $30
Feta and spinach Turkey Meatballs…. $30
Mexican meatballs Spicy tomato sauce …. $30
Mini steak quesadilla …. $30
Beef satay Pineapple chili sauce …. $37


Sesame chicken skewer …. $35
Tequila mustard Chicken skewer …. $35
Terriyaki chicken skewer …. $35
Tequila lime chicken satay …. $35
Mini Chicken quesadilla …. $30
Cajun chicken quesadilla …. $30


Mini crab cakes …. $35
Tequila lime shrimp satay …. $40
Shrimp wrapped in bacon …. $40
Coconut shrimp …. $40
Terriyaki Shrimp …. $40
Scallops Wrapped in bacon …. $40

Vegetable Crudite w/peppercorn dip
Small …. $30  |  Medium ….  $55  GF

Fruit and cheese platter
Small …. $37  | Medium ….$65 GF

Grilled veggie antipasto
Small ….$35 |  Medium ….$60 GF

Fresh fruit platter
Small …. $37 | Medium …. $65 GF

Cheese and cracker platter
Small …. $37  | Medium …. $65

Fresh fruit skewers
Small …. $30 Medium …. $60 GF

Fresh mozzarella & tomato platter
Small …. $37  | Medium …. $60 GF

Mediterranean sampler …. $50
(hummus, eggplant dip, olives, feta, pita chips)

Hummus and homemade pita chips
Small …. $25 | Medium …. $40

(Minimum 10 day’s notice please)

Pinwheel Sandwiches
(Pinwheels are wrap’s cut into 6 with your choice of filling & lettuce)
Small platter > Choose 2. Serves 5-7 pp … $37
Medium platter > Choose 5. Serves 10-12 pp … $72
Your choices of:

* Turkey w/ honey mustard
* Steak w/horseradish sauce
* Black forrest ham w/ mustard
*  Grilled veggies
* White tuna salad
* Fresh mozzarella & tomato w/ pesto
* Chicken salad

Focaccia Sandwiches

Small platter > Choose 1 kind. Serves 5-7 pp … $37
Medium platter > Choose 2 kinds. Serves 10-12 pp … $72

Focaccia #8
(homemade focaccia bread w/roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes,  fresh mozzarella w/ pesto)

Grilled Chicken Focaccia
(homemade bread w/grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella)

Chicken focaccia #6
(homemade bread w/grilled chicken, herb mayo, lettuce, tomato)

 Grilled veggie & chicken focaccia #20:
(Filled w/grilled eggplant, zucchini, roasted peppers, grilled chicken, balsamic)

– HOT Gourmet Wraps/Sandwiches –

(Minimum1 day’s notice please)

Small platter > Choose 1 kind. Serves 5-7 pp … $40
Medium platter > Choose 2 kinds. Serves 10-12 pp … $80

* The Matt: breaded chicken, crisp prosciutto & melted mozzarella, balsamic on foccacia or Wrap
* Tongue Burner: cajun chicken, pepperjack cheese, cajun mayo on a  roll
or Wrap  (Kevin’s fav)
* The Jason: sauteed spinach, grilled chicken, melted provolone, balsamic on  roll  or Wrap
* The Jen: grilled chicken, pepperjack, roasted peppers, on focaccia  or wrap
* The Jose:  cajun chicken, sauteed spinach, bacon, pepperjack cheese cajun mayo on focaccia bread or Wrap

* The Nick: grilled chicken, crisp prosciutto, fresh mozz, balsamic, mayo on a roll or Wrap
* The Steve: breaded chicken, ham & melted swiss, honey mustard on a roll or Wrap

– Finger Sandwiches/Wraps –
(All sandwiches & wraps are cut in 4 pieces. Minimum 1 day’s notice please)
Small platter > Choose 2. Serves 5-7 pp … $37
Medium platter > Choose 5. Serves 10-12 pp … $72

#1. Oven roasted turkey w/ swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, herb mayo on grain bread or wrap.

#2. Salami, ham, provolone , roasted peppers, lettuce & tomato, balsamic on italian roll or wrap.

#4 Grilled steak, horseradish sauce, lettuce and tomato, on Italian roll or wrap.

#6. Grilled chicken topped w/ lettuce, tomato, herb mayo on an italian roll or wrap.

#7. Grilled veggies & roasted peppers, balsamic dressing on italian roll or wrap.

# 10. Veggie  w/ avocado, lettuce, tomato,roasted peppers, balsamic dressing on Italian roll or wrap.

#11. Black forest ham & swiss cheese mustard, lettuce, tomato on grain bread or wrap.

#13. Grilled chicken,  greens and crisp prosciutto, balsamic dressing on a roll or wrap.

#14. Oven roasted turkey w/ brie cheese, & apple cranberry dressing on grain or wrap.

#16. A. TUNA salad or  B. CHICKEN salad, w/ lettuce & tomato on Italian roll or wrap.

Big Mike: Chicken salad, swiss cheese, roasted peppers on Italian roll or wrap

Amish: Grilled chicken, balsamic, provolone, crisp prosciutto, greens on a roll or wrap

 – Gourmet Croissants –
(Minimum 2 day’s notice please)

Small platter > Choose 2. Serves 5-7 pp … $37
Medium platter > Choose 5. Serves 10-12 pp … $72

Made w/your choice of:

White tuna, Chicken salad, Pecan chicken salad  or
Turkey and brie w/ apple cranberry sauce

** Contains nuts
(Minimum 10 day’s notice, please
ALL salads are sold in half trays)

Half trays serve 10-15 pp as a SIDE and 4-6 pp as an ENTREE
ADD chicken to any salad $13

** Salad Theresa: greens, tomatoes grilled onions, candied walnuts … $27   GF

Caesar: romaine, croutons, parmesan … $21

Garden: greens, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, roasted pepper … $24   GF

** Harvest:  Greens, grilled apple, dried cranberries, pecans & goat cheese … $30    GF

** Liz: greens, strawberries, oranges, fresh mozzarella, & candied walnuts, raspberry dressing … $30   GF

** Alex: greens, grilled apples, brie cheese, & candied walnuts … $29   GF

** Allison: Greens, apples, oranges, goat cheese, candied walnuts … $30   GF

Delany: greens, artichokes, peppers, mozzarella, avocado … $30  GF

– Pasta & Side Salad’s –
(ALL salads sold by the pound. (2 lb minimum)
(Minimum 1 day’s notice please)


Red skin potato … $5.50 GF

Fruit salad … $5.60  GF  Coleslaw … $4.50 GF

Pecan chicken … $10.95  GF

Bowties Pesto … $6.50
(pesto, sundried tomato, Light vinegarette)

Toasted orzo salad … $6.50
(walnuts, sundried tomatoes, spinach, light vinegarette)

Bowties grecco … $6.50
(spinach, feta cheese, roasted peppers w/ garlic dressing )

Penne FMT … $6.50
(fresh mozzarella, tomato light garlic dressing) 

Linguini oriental … $6.50
(veggies & oriental dressing)

Lemony Orzo … $6.50
(fresh mozzarella, veggies, lemon dressing)

Asian slaw … $5.50
 (sesame dressing, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, onion)

Asian green bean … $6.50
(sesame soy dressing, red peppers) 

(Minimum 10 day’s notice please)

(Broccoli cheddar, Spinach, Bacon onion swiss, Ham cheddar onion, Bacon cheddar, 4 cheese)


Banana candied walnut french toast
1/2 Tray … $40 

Bacon 40 pc   GF
1/2 Tray … $42

Breakfast Sausage
1/2 Tray … $35

Scrambled egg’s   GF
1/2 Tray … $30

Pepper onion, potato scrambled eggs
1/2 Tray … $35

(Minimum 5 day’s notice, 1 hour Omelet or Belgium waffle station
$9.95 per person minimum of 20 pp
(15 minutes set up, 1/2 hour cooking, 15 minute clean up)

jeremiahs catering nj(Minimum 10 day’s notice please)
– Prices are for Half tray’s –

– Hot Pasta’s –

Penne vodka … $35
Penne veggie Primavera … $35
Meat Lasagna Bolognese ... $40
Veggie Lasagna … $40
Cheese Lasagna … $35
Eggplant parmesan Lasagna … $40

– Gourmet Pasta’s –

Fussili Portobello …  $50
(portobello, sundried tomatoes, spinach, shrimp, alfredo sauce)

Garden Penne … $35
 (Penne, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, spinach, garlic & parmesan) 

Gourmet Mac and cheese … $40.00
(pasta w/ 4 cheeses, baked w/ a bacon cracker crumb) 

– Potatoes/Rice –  
– Herb-roasted
– Roasted garlic mashed
– Honey mashed sweet
– Potatoes augratin
– Potato pancakes

– Pecan wild rice
– Herbed rice

– Veggies –   GF
**Contains nuts

HALF Tray … $30

Honey glazed carrots
**Broccoli w/ walnuts & garlic
Sesame broccoli
String bean almandine,
Zucchini cups creamy spinach
Primavera veggies

Eggplant rollatini
Eggplant parmesan
HALF Tray … $40

(Minimum 10 day’s notice please)
Prices are for HALF trays.


Beef burgundy over noodles … $45

Sliced flank steak over peppers, onions, and potatoes … $55.00    GF

Cool Filet mignon sliced & arranged w/ grilled onions, horseradish dressing, & baguette bread $ market price

Cool flank steak arranged like the filet mignon … $110/Platter

Italian Meatballs …  $42.00

(All chicken is sauteed and finished with the sauce of your choice)

Marsala, Picatta, Franchese, Balsamico, Scampi
$48/Half Tray

-Gourmet Boneless Chicken-

(Minimum 2 day’s notice please)

Saltimbocca … $50
(chicken sauteed & topped w/prosciutto, spinach, mozzarella in a brown sauce)

Valerie … $50
(grilled chicken, grilled veggies & fresh mozzarella)

Chicken pot pie … $48
 (veggies & soft shredded chicken in a homemade gravy w/biscuit crust) 

Tuscan … $50
(Grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes, sauteed spinach, melted mozzarella garlic basil sauce)

(Minimum 2 day’s notice please)

Buttermilk fried chicken …  $50

Honey BBQ, or Korean BBQ Chicken  Specify please: $45.00

Herbed lemon garlic … $45.00     GF

– PORK –
(Minimum 2 day’s notice please)

Thai marinated BBQ ribs … $50

Korean BBQ Ribs … $50

Honey BBQ ribs … $50

Sausage, peppers, onions … $40  GF


(Minimum 10 day’s notice please)

Shrimp scampi w/herbed rice … $55

Cold poached salmon … $105/platter 1 size only   GF
(platter with cucumber dill sauce)

Honey glazed salmon … $57.50   GF
(on marinated zucchini topped w/caramelized onions) 

Sesame crusted salmon … $57.50     GF
(over asian green beans)

Blackened  salmon … $57.50     GF
(over sauteed veggies)

(Minimum 10 day’s notice please)
Prices are for HALF tray’s.

Dirty rice: rice & black beans … $30 GF

Spanish rice w/ veggies … $30   GF

Black beans … $30    GF

Pink beans w/ plantains … $30   GF

Lomo saltado … $55  GF
 (tender pulled beef, peppers, onions, cilantro, tomatoes)

Spanish Roasted chicken … $50    GF
(Marinated chicken on the bone)

Cuban pork … $50   GF
(Tender roasted pork marinated in cuban spices)


Minimum 10 day’s notice, please.


Call or Text Theresa: 973 801 2010 or use this form below
*Prices subject to change according to market conditions*



What our clients say

Delicious,delicious, delicious!! I catered my son's wedding and couldn't be happier with the service and quality of the food. I would definitely recommend Jeremiah to anyone that wants exceptional food and service.
Elisa R
Food is my favorite love language and Chef T is fluent! We met through a networking group that she also caters for. I gravitated towards her ability to season a variety of foods across multiple palates and dietary lifestyles; I was inspired! I started to ask about her techniques, her background at the Culinary Institute of America, and her catering.
Melissa B
Jeremiahs catered a repass for my father and the food was absolutely fantastic. Theresa and her team did an outstanding job and the food was delicious. The server made sure that everything was handled so the family didn't need to worry about a thing. Many of our guests requested the name of our fabulous caterer. Thanks so much for making our gathering an exceptional and memorable food experience!
Pam K
Theresa of Jeremiah's recently catered my daughter's bridal shower brunch. In a word--outstanding! Theresa suggested a delightful and unique menu that offered something for everyone. We fine-tuned the menu to accommodate certain dietary restrictions--she is quite knowledgeable in that respect, so the menu selections worked for all. Not only were the foods delicious, but the presentation was elegant and appropriate for the event. Highly recommended.
Alice M