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www.jeremiahscatering.com Open 7 days a week by appointment

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LINK for your event: You will be given a link for your party guests to register on that will have the rules of the
kitchen, terms and conditions, info on allergies ect. ALL guests must register on the site including host/hosts children
and accept rules, terms and conditions. You will be billed for the final number registered on day of party/event.
INCLUDED in package: Basic paper products, and pitchers of water. You may bring whatever decorations,
themed paper products, water, drinks all closed bottles.

ADDITIONAL Food/drinks: if you would like to bring any PACKAGED ingredient marked: chips/cookies,
drinks, water or cake that is accepted. ALL other food is NOT allowed for allergy/sanitation reasons.
If you would like to order additional food from Jeremiah’s for adults staying at the party you will receive a 10%
discount on food ordered. Full menu is on www.jeremiahscatering.com

Cancellation & final number policy:
A Credit Card will be required for all bookings in the case of cancellations. ALL cancellations for EVENT will require 1
WEEK NOTICE from EVENT date or there will be a $75 cancellation fee charged to this credit card. Additionally a
FINAL number is needed 5 days prior to your EVENT date. In the event that your group has a person cancel on you, you agree to
pay for the person canceling in full if you DO NOT cancel said person 48 hours before the event date. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for persons, NOT cancellation of the event.

Payment method: Cash or check is preferred method of payment if a credit card is used for final payment there is a surcharge added.

ADULTS: Alcohol/Liquor policy: I understand that Jeremiahs catering and cooking studio does not serve alcoholic beverages but individuals may bring in their own and serve themselves. I agree that if I decide to drink alcoholic beverages while cooking and on the premise of Jeremiahs, that I am responsible for myself and agree to any consequence of my actions and will hold them free of any legal actions. I also agree that I will not operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages during the cooking class.

For ALL ADULT/CHILD classes & parties: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in
Jeremiahs consent form and will give each participant/parent(if under age of 18) the link to register for the class/party
to accept these terms and conditions prior to the class. I UNDERSTAND that if a participant does not register online
that they will not be able to participate. I acknowledge that I accept the Rules of the Kitchen and will discuss with my

Your event is not completely booked until we receive a credit card on file.
We will call to confirm receipt of your booking form and get a credit card for the deposit.