Jeremiahs Catering & Cooking Classes wants to bring friends and family together in the kitchen by adults lifelong cooking skills that can ignite creativity, build self-esteem, and most importantly create memories that will last forever.

Whether you’re a seasoned kitchen pro or are totally new to healthy cooking, we’re sure to have a class to inspire you to take your culinary skills to the next level! Our classes cover a wide variety of topics and work with seasonal and popular healthy foods in a safe and fun hands on environment. 

Upcoming Adults Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Parties for Adults

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, bridal shower, hosting a team-building event or holiday party for your company, or just want to gather your friends for a cook-off, JEREMIAHS CATERING & COOKING STUDIO can create a unique and delicious experience for your occasion!

Menus and pricing

Apps or salad:
-gougere (cheese puffs)
-salad lyonnaise
-French onion soup
-mussels gratin
-steak frite bites
Parsnip gratin with gruyere and thyme
Roasted asparagus with bernaise sauce
Croissant casserole
Potato dauphinois
Duck confit with spicy pickled raisins
Beef bourguignon
Chicken fricassee
Seared Salmon w/ white wine beurre blanc
Berry galette
Hazelnut chocolate crepes
Apple tartatan
Creme brûlée
-beer and honey bbq chicken skewers
-pulled pork sliders with slaw
-bacon bourbon meatballs
-chili yogurt chicken wings
-loaded potato skins
-fluffy buttermilk biscuits
-fried okra
-Edamame soccotash
-bourbon peach bbq baked beans
-black eyed peas with Smokey collard greens
-bacon Mac and cheese
-southern style green beans
-Kansas City flank steak
-saucy creole shrimp
-Cajun chicken Mac and cheese
-mojito grilled chicken
-bbq buffalo chicken
-Miami style fish
-miso glazed bbq chicken
-Fire cracker salmon
Blueberry cobbler
Peach crumble
Frozen key lime pie
S’mores brownies
Posole soup
Beef or chicken empanadas
Cajun Chicken quesadilla
Holy guacamole tortilla chips
Burrito egg rolls
Dirty rice
Burrito zucchini cups
Mexican corn salad
Pablano stuffed peppers
Spanish rice
Red beans and plantains
Cilantro lime grilled chicken or steak
Chicken or shrimp enchiladas
Turkey taco stuffed peppers
Street tacos with slaw with tomatillo avocado salsa choice of 1: blackened shrimp, blackened chicken, steak, lime grilled salmon, crispy fish.
Tres Leche cake
Mexican chocolate mousse
Churro chips with cheesecake dip
-pan fried wacky wontons
-Vietnamese chicken meatball lettuce wraps
-wonton soup
-Korean chicken wings
-veggie Vietnamese rice paper rolls
-sushi cucumber avocado or California
-chicken spring rolls
-veggie fried rice
-cauliflower fried rice
-Korean fried cauliflower
-Kung po Brussel sprouts
-sesame green beans or broccoli
-veg tempura
-Orange chicken or shrimp
-sweet and sour chicken or shrimp
-sesame ginger beef
-yellow curry chicken, shrimp or fish
-red curry chicken, shrimp or fish
-Kung po chicken, shrimp or fish
-Mango sticky rice
-Turon (fried banana and brown sugar) with caramel sauce
-Thai crepes with vanilla filling
-Mussels fri diablo
-tomato bruschetta
-making fresh mozzarella into a caprese salad
-fennel radicchio salad
-Tuscan white bean soup
-roasted rosemary balsamic vegetables
-bucatini w/ lemony carbonara sauce
-fresh roasted red peppers
-escarole and white beans
-tomato gratin
-roasted asparagus with bagna cauda
-Homemade cheese ravioli with pesto and olive cream
-Tuscan chicken scallopini
-roasted pork loin with rosemary and garlic
-steak pizzaoli
-potato gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce
-wild mushroom risotto with grilled shrimp
-seared sea scallops with a salsa verde
-cod gratin
-Espresso chocolate mousse
-Orange marscapone cream with biscotti
-Zabilone with fresh berries

Package #1

Choose 1 side, 1 entree $37/pp (8 participants and over) $40/pp (under 8 participants)

Package #2

Choose 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 side, 1 dessert $55/pp (8 participants and over) $58/pp (under 8 participants)

Package #3

Choose 1 appetizer, 2 entree, 2 sides, 1 dessert $72/pp (8 participants and over) $75/pp (under 8 participants)

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and accept rules, terms and conditions. You will be billed for the final number registered on day of party/event.
INCLUDED in package: Basic paper products, and pitchers of water. You may bring whatever decorations,
themed paper products, water, drinks all closed bottles.

ADDITIONAL Food/drinks: if you would like to bring any PACKAGED ingredient marked: chips/cookies,
drinks, water or cake that is accepted. ALL other food is NOT allowed for allergy/sanitation reasons.
If you would like to order additional food from Jeremiah’s for adults staying at the party you will receive a 10%
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pay for the person canceling in full if you DO NOT cancel said person 48 hours before the event date. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for persons, NOT cancellation of the event.

Payment method: Cash or check is preferred method of payment if a credit card is used for final payment there is a surcharge added.

ADULTS: Alcohol/Liquor policy: I understand that Jeremiahs catering and cooking studio does not serve alcoholic beverages but individuals may bring in their own and serve themselves. I agree that if I decide to drink alcoholic beverages while cooking and on the premise of Jeremiahs, that I am responsible for myself and agree to any consequence of my actions and will hold them free of any legal actions. I also agree that I will not operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages during the cooking class.

For ALL ADULT/CHILD classes & parties: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in
Jeremiahs consent form and will give each participant/parent(if under age of 18) the link to register for the class/party
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