Welcome To Jeremiahs Cooking Studio

Hi I’m Theresa of Jeremiahs Cooking Studio.  Creating this cooking studio has been a dream of mine for many years.  As Many of my long time loyal customers know my food has always been quality and fresh over quantity. 

Through the years I believe that basic cooking is becoming a lost art in our world. Busy lives have given way to fast food and lost family time opportunities. Lets face it we work hard, but cooking for our family doesn’t have to be hard work.  I hope to give and bring back through my love of cooking an ease of learning by offering opportunities for the home cook to learn and to expand their cooking knowledge in a fun, recreational, and easy-to-do environment. There will be an emphasis on healthy meal-making using a variety of ingredients including seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Food has long been the connector in bringing people together — whether it be adults, kids, family, friends, businesses, or community. Breaking bread together changes lives. I hope to provide just the right mix of learning and entertainment to provide a positive cooking adventure for both locals and visitors.

The Cooking Studio will offer a variety of services, including:

Basic Cooking Classes for children, teens and adults
 Specialty and Advanced Cooking Classes for those interested in learning specific cooking skills or more advanced techniques

 Guest Chef Classes where community members teach their specialty dishes from all around the world

 Cooking Parties for bachelorettes, bridal, team building events to name a few,  offering fun ways to gather and to celebrate

  Cooking Birthday parties for all ages  

  Adult and kid Cook off’s for community fundraisers and More…